Spin The Wheel!!! for Android is a fun and easy to use ‘decision wheel’ which cycles through your lists in random or sequential order.

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The Wheel is activated by touch and the faster you spin the Wheel, the faster it goes. You can choose the Standard Wheel titles and categories that come installed or you can make your own titles, categories and item lists. Create ‘Local Wheels’ (Beta **) based on restaurants, etc. in your location. You can also customize the Wheel Image by taking a picture with your phone, choosing a picture from your image gallery or selecting one of the provided 21 Wheel Images. There are eight different spinning Wheel sounds that you can choose from too. So, Spin The Wheel!!!


  • Wheel Sounds – Choose from eight different sounds for the spinning Wheel including:

    • Peg Wheel

    • Funny Sounds (Hilarious!)

    • Wheel Barrow

    • Roller Coaster

    • Squeaky Wheel

    • Roulette Wheel

    • Drum Roll

    • Bicycle Wheel With Spoke Card

  • Wheel Topics – Choose from included topics or create your own:

    • ‘What do you want for dinner?’

    • ‘What veggies should we have with dinner?’

    • ‘What do you want for breakfast?’

    • ‘What do you want for lunch?’

    • ‘What type of restaurant should we go to?’

    • ‘Wheel of Meat!’

    • ‘What should we have for dessert?’

    • ‘Caffeine!’

    • ‘Cocktails?’

    • ‘Magic 8’

    • ‘American Roulette’

    • ‘European Roulette’

    • ‘Heads or Tails?’

    • ‘Black or Red?’

    • ‘Yes or No?’

    • ‘Today I feel…?’

    • Create your own Wheels using the built in editor!

  • Need more information on a ‘Wheel Slice’? Simply press on the item’s name above the Wheel. The choices are:

    • Standard Wheels:

      • ‘Web Search’

    • Local Wheels:

      • ‘Web Search’

      • ‘Details’

      • ‘Call’

      • ‘Map’

      • ‘Street View’

      • ‘Directions’

      • ‘Web Site’

  • Create ‘Local Wheels’ based on your location (Beta **). New in version 1.1.0 !

  • Wheel movement is touch activated. The faster you Spin The Wheel, the faster it goes!

  • Wheel Volume Control goes from 0 to 11… Yes, 11 !!! 😉

  • Full Screen Mode

  • Compatible with Android 1.6 +

How do I purchase Spin The Wheel!!!?

  • Spin The Wheel!!! can be purchased for $0.99 from the Android Market. Just search for “Spin The Wheel!!!” in the Android Market on your phone or go to the Android Market from here.

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** ‘Local Wheels’ are a Beta Feature. They only work in the USA and require submitting your location to the Internet. ‘Local Wheels’ can be disabled via <Menu> <Preferences> <Location Based Services>.

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