Decision Wheel

WheelSpin The Wheel!!! is a fun and easy to use ‘decision wheel’. The wheel is activated by touch and the faster you spin the wheel, the faster it goes. Choose 21 different wheel images or create your own using your phone’s camera or existing images. Creating your own wheel titles and items. There are 8 different sounds too!


Markers, Pens, Pencils and Pastels ‘Have’ and ‘Want’ Inventory Organizer

mymarkersMyMarkers enables artists and illustrators to keep an inventory and wish list of their Markers, Pens, Colored Pencils and Pastels. Each item is categorized by the manufacturer and product line and is displayed with color code, color name and colored background. Keep inventory and wish lists up to date with ‘Have’ and ‘Want’ checkboxes. Includes over 8400 individual items.

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