Example of Creating a ‘Local Wheel’

‘Local Wheels’ (Beta **) allow you to create a Wheel based on local points of interest (e.g. Restaurants). It’s easy to create and use ‘Local Wheels’ . Here are some tips:

Press the ‘Menu’ button from the Main Screen that has the list of Wheels. Press the ‘Local Wheels’ choice.

The ‘Local Wheel’ Edit Screen will be displayed.

Enter something to search on (e.g. Pizza).   Optionally, if you would like to save the Wheel to the main Wheel List then check the box and fill in the ‘Category’.  Press OK when you are finished and if a successful search is made a Wheel with the local items will be displayed.

Additional information can be found for a ‘Local Wheel Slice’ by pressing on the Item’s Name above the Wheel.  Additional information generally includes:

  • ‘Web Search’

  • ‘Details’

  • ‘Call’

  • ‘Map’

  • ‘Street View’

  • ‘Directions’

  • ‘Web Site’

Saved ‘Local Wheels’ will be displayed with a purple compass icon to the left of the Wheel Name in the Main Wheel List.  Note: ‘Local Wheels’ can be on the same tab as a ‘Standard Wheel’.

** ‘Local Wheels’ are a Beta Feature.  They only work in the USA and require submitting your location to the Internet.  ‘Local Wheels’ can be disabled via <Menu> <Preferences> <Location Based Services>.

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